Happy Birthday Gene Wilder, here’s how movements start!

Sasquatch Music Festival 2009

Gene Wilder is 76 today. He’s probably having a small party in a pub garden with a few of his old movie buddies, like Mel Brooks, the dinky little Oompa-Loompa guys, Kelly Le Brock. If he was still with us, he might have got Richard Pryor along for a few beers and a pack of fags. We, unfortunately, have not been invited, but did that stop us from buying him a gift? It did not. We strode around an open prison doing the walk from Stir Crazy, discussing what Gene might like, and it boiled down to a toss up between an embroidered picture of a sparrow, or a clip that accurately demonstrates just how empires are built. In the end we got him both. Happy Birthday Gene Wilder!

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2 Responses to Happy Birthday Gene Wilder, here’s how movements start!

  1. rich says:

    Ah Gene Wilder, incedentally I share a birthday with him… Hang on…

  2. josh says:

    Ahhh, well HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you too, sir!

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