Watch The Life & Times of Tim TONIGHT!

Tonight, Virgin 1, 10pm


Remember January? What a month that was. It was so damn cold, everyone was wearing coats. The stony hand of Winter was still pulverising your face. The world was a different place back then. A very different place. And yet, so ahead of the game were we, that we alerted you to an excellent new cartoon/sitcom called The Life and Times of Tim.

“We love hearing about new television shows,” we said, with our pre-recession accents still decipherable in our warm English voices, “and this one looks EXCELLENT!”

The great news is that it hasn’t dated one jot between then and now, and it’s set to start tonight on Virgin 1 – which we presume is some kind of satellite television channel. So, programme your recorders, modern people. Everyone else, just watch it.

Here’s a teaser…

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