Second hand bargain: A great Arnie film

It’s only Conan The Barbarian!


As the world slips deeper into the white hot financial cauldron, it’s a time for heroes. Men/women who will face the growling black hole face-on, their briefcases held aloft, a guttural roar surging from deep within their souls – where the rage lives. And yet, for the most part, adult businessmen can be found hiding behind alleyway bins, attempting to lick the remaining contents from a four-week-empty bottle of Southern Comfort, while the rest of society patiently fills in the Guardian crossword whilst waiting to sign on. These are topsy-turvy, higgledy-piggledy times. Which is why we still appreciate the warm breeze of comfort that strokes our buttocks whenever we hear about an excellent bargain. Just this weekend, a great big tough guy called Dan stumbled across a brilliant film about a hero whilst killing time in his local Save The Children. “I remember watching Conan The Barbarian when I was about ten,” he bragged, knowing full well that it was an 18, “so when I saw it, I thought I’d get it – I’d forgotten what an excellent film it is!” It is indeed a great movie, Dan. Probably Arnie’s second best. So, come on, how much for this sexy and violent barbarian romp? “50p”

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Amazing sticking-it-to-the-recession!

Here’s the trailer from 1982…

5 Responses to Second hand bargain: A great Arnie film

  1. forty-forty five says:

    what’s Arnie’s best film then? Has to be Predator…

  2. olly says:

    How bizarre. I was actually doing the Guardian crossword in Whitechapel’s fantastic Job Centre Plus (pronounced ploo, a la Arena Homme Plus, to give it a touch of style) whilst waiting to sign on.

  3. josh says:

    To answer your question forty forty-five, I’d totally agree. A top four would be…

    1. Predator
    2. Conan The Barbarian
    3. Terminator
    4. Running Man

    Total Recall just missing out

  4. A close pal says:

    I disagree..

    1. Predator (have you seen the predator rap on youtube? it’s quite funny)
    2. Terminator 2: Judgement Day
    3. Red Heat
    4. Junior (with a superb supporting role from our very own Emma Thompson).

  5. forty-forty five says:

    1) Predator
    2) Total Recall – feat a lovely Sharon Stone
    3) Running Man
    4) Terminator 2

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