Showbusiness: Kirsty Gallacher fashion mistake, and Britney Spears

Woman in revealing dress shocker

kirsty gallagher

Only yesterday, we warned the world’s womenfolk about the danger of summer dresses, and just how transparent they can be. Unfortunately Kirsty Gallacher obviously wasn’t paying attention, as she strode boldly into the Glamour Awards sporting a thin film of stretchy black material, which had been fashioned into a lady’s party outfit. Nearby photographers zapped away, the big bulbs on their old fashioned cameras creating some kind of strange X-ray effect, rendering her completely see-through. Both bosoms, and some sensual underpants made themselves known to the startled audience, as showbiz reporters launched into a frenzy of short hand, all mystified that a woman of her class and elegance could make such an elimentary fashion error. OMG she’s totally humiliated herself, insisted one journalist in particular. Kirsty will no doubt scurry into hiding somewhere in the Outer Hebrides until the expected mayhem calms down.

In other important celebrity news, Paris Hilton has made everyone feel confused and a little bit frightened by becoming a brunette. And Britney Spears is going to perform a kick-ass show at the Millenium Dome to prove to the world that she is no longer as bonkers as the day is humid. Good for her. Here she is, crawling towards a camera, pretending to be a cat…


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