Interestaurant Review: Fifteen, London

Great food cooked by street urchins


It’s always a tremendous feeling when we hear from one of the growing Interestment flock, and today it’s the turn of Spencer – an excellent leaver-of-comments, and designer of banners – to tell us a little bit about last night’s dinner. He had this to say…

Last night, I went for beverages and foods at Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen restaurant in London – a place where you can eat almost-perfect posh British food and all of the money goes to educating young chefs who would otherwise be grilling rats on a Chigwell estate or cheffing up a Rustlers in a bedsit. Yet, in a foodie twist of fate, they have been touched by Oliver’s podgy healing hands, and now they are well within flobbing distance of television stardom alongside the likes of Jamie, Ainzzz, Hest, The Lloyd Man, Hugh Hugh, Ramsey, King Marco and Floydsie.

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You serious? Yes I am, because these former glue sniffers are now being trained to cook delicious treats like Slow Roast Dalgarnock Pork Belly with Lentils Di Castelluccio and mouthwateringly scrumptious Grilled Scotch Bavette Steak with Oozy Wet Polenta, Gorgonzola Dolce-pine Nut Butter and Fresh Horseradish. I’m not kidding, these are probably the two best things I have eaten in a very, very long time.

When made aware that the menu of the evening was brand new I immediately turned around and scanned the room, hysterically searching out famous faces. I’ve seen Rammo’s Kitchen Nightmares, I know that a new menu sparks a celebrity buzz even mightier than a Jordan wedding being photographed in OK! I searched the tables for Myleene Klass, the Bedingfield sisters, that Welsh bloke off T4, the Hollyoaks kittens. And, yet, as it was, none of them had bothered to turn up.

Now for the all important star rating:

Food: 8/10 (posh student cooking)

Drinks: 9/10 (a tad pricey)

Service: 7/10 (quite slim, blonde: not really my type)

Celebrity spotting: 6/10 (so much potential)

Overall Interestment score: 47

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