Happy Birthday Ronnie Wood, here’s Dennis Hopper!

Dennis Hopper on James Dean

And lo, the great birthdays continue, with Bob Monkhouse, The Equalizer, Morgan Freeman, Marilyn Monroe and Jesus from Jesus of Nazareth all set for an evening spent in tears around a pub table when they realise just how old they are. Monroe, in particular, is 83. Or, at least, she would have been had she not mistaken barbiturates for Smints. One man who seems unfazed by the aging process, however, is the rock guitarist and lover of young Russians, Ronnie Wood – 62 today. We decided to get him a gift, so we went for a nice meal at Pizza Hut, where we had a deep pan Meaty BBQ, a thin crust Super Supreme, and nine massive glasses of Pepsi, before deciding that Ronnie would either want a carrier bag with lots of buscuits in it, or a clip of the great Dennis Hopper talking about the marvelous James Dean. In the end we got him both. Happy Birthday Ronnie!

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