Slumming It: Samanda

Big Brother’s conjoined twins…


Thanks to reality television, Susan Boyle – the Scottish guy who really should win Britain’s Got Talent – is going completely mental. This is because there is no such place as Fame Mountain any more. Fame Mountain, for those who don’t know, was a paradise – a sanctuary – where talented, gorgeous people could swan around in secret, listening only to the gentle strums of harp music, or the booming magnificence of their own sacred voices as they sacked someone on speaker-phone. But it is no more. Nowadays, celebrities are so numerous that they have to live down here with us normals. They are forced to bathe in the same waters as us, shop on the same rowdy street markets as us, and sometimes they even live on the same roads as us. It’s totally bonkers. And, hence, spotting these amazing people has become like a sport.

Just this week, many of you have enjoyed a field day, with someone spotting one of those people who does the slightly smug links on T4. Then Stefan saw Clive James of being Clive James fame doddering around on Regent’s Street, looking “about a million years old”. But this week’s big winner is Kelly, who spotted Thing One and Thing Two from Big Brother. “They were sitting next to me in the Topshop cafe,” confirms Kelly. Excellent work.

Kelly wins this week’s Interestment Mix Tape, which features The Chiffons, Rod Stewart, and some amazing synthesizer music.

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