Showbusiness: Make-up discovery, and Jordan

Does not look like this all the time…


Clusters of showbiz reporters have been swallowing wildly to stop themselves from vomitting after seeing pictures of a supermodel without any make-up on. One in particular could not believe that it was the same person. She looked so appalling, so pale, so normal. The model in question is Helena Christensen, who dares to be known as a supermodel, and yet appears quite happy to walk around in public wearing clothes that a civilian might wear. Where is her designer clobber? Why is she not shiny and resplendent? Was it not Maybelline that told us that maybe she was born with it? Did not L’Oreal insist, quite publicly, that these kinds of women were worth it? The entertainment industry and fashion world have both been united under a startled silence. Thanks Helena. On a more positive note, she has made up for it by going to a party looking nice again. So, almost forgiven.

In other news, Kerry Katona managed to make it through a television interview without coming across like she’d just spent the preceding three hours sniffing glue from a plastic bag. And Jordan – of Peter Andre heartbreak fame – has rendered one showbiz reporter agog by appearing on a catwalk looking quite thin. Is she on hunger strike? Here she is in happier times…


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