Happy Birthday Mel B, here’s an Apprentice mash up!

Cassetteboy vs. The Apprentice

It’s another corker of a day for birthdays. In fact, it’s one of those fantasy dinner party days, with Noel Gallagher, John F Kennedy, Latoya Jackson, and Bob Hope all set for an evening of pillow punching and helpless weeping, thanks to their so-called friends, who totally FORGOT ABOUT THEIR BIRTHDAY. What a nightmare. One birthday that hasn’t been forgotten is that of Scary Spice, who turns a very terrifying 34 today. She’s the gobby one from the Spice Girls, and by far the prettiest. We simply had to get her a gift, so we lay on a sofa for about three hours, oscillating between snoozing, and quietly whispering ideas directly into one another’s ears, and it boiled down to a toss up between a leopard print stuffed leopard, or a brilliant Apprentice video. In the end we got her both. Happy Birthday Mel B!

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