Happy Birthday Kylie, here’s Miss Great Britain!

Miss Great Britain on the drench Pheasant Rodeo

Regardless that she still looks like a teenager, Kylie Minogue is 41 today. In nine years, she’s going to be 50. Kylie Minogue. 50. It’s weird. It seems like only yesterday that she was spitting tabacco from the side of her mouth whilst working on Harold Bishop’s chassis problems. A young, ballsy mechanic. And then, of course, she morphed into Kylie the songstress, with a stock of hit records, like Locomotion, A Change is Gonna Come and Please Get Out of my Head. What a lady. Hence, we decided to get her a gift, so we put on some massive glasses, wandered the streets of London loudly name dropping into a phone, only occasionally putting our hand over the talky-talky bit to discuss present ideas. It boiled down to a toss up between a few nice bits from Boots, or a video of Miss Great Britain promoting some kind of fashionable new drink that a PR sent over to Interestment Castle. In the end we got her both. Happy Birthday Kylie!

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