Showbusiness: Fox scrubs up, Boyle goes mental

It’s the tale of two women…


For those who don’t watch blockbusters based on old toys, Megan Fox was in Transformers. She played Optimus Prime (we think). She was also in another children’s movie called Whore. So, yeah, she’s quite a big deal right now over in Hollywood, and one showbiz reporter in particualr couldn’t believe it when he saw some recent photographs of her. The pictures in question were paparazzi photographs of her being photographed – which surely creates some kind of weird vortex, like holding a mirror up to a mirror. “She looks so glamourous,” purred the journalist, before saying something about how she’s normally such a jeans-and-T-shirt kind of gal. And yet, there she is, glammed up. A Hollywood actress. Actually glammed up. Just standing there. All dazzling and glammed up. We were totally gobsmacked too.

In other news, Dane Bowers – the UK’s answer to Justin Timberlake – has been spotted skulking around at Jordan’s house. And Susan Boyle, the Scottish gentleman who looks a shoo-in for Britain’s Got Talent, has been overheard going ballistic because someone said something nice about the little Welsh lad with the Aretha Franklin voice.


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