Urgent fashion news about boiler suits

These people – unwittingly trendy


There is nothing – literally nothing – more satisfying than being able to get dressed in the morning with less than four items, including pants and socks. In the 1980s, non-lesbians were cheerfully permitted to wear dungarees, and if you look at most of the babies in pushchairs these days, the majority are wearing an all-in-one type outfit. They’re happy, they’re smiling. We’d be happy. And luckily for the nation’s womenfolk the easy-to-slip-into boiler suit look is going to be white hot over the sunshine months. We know this because throbbing fashion brain and friend of the site, Hannah, told us so. “Now called Playsuits, these were all over the spring catwalks,” she insisted over a seriously refreshing gin. “I think they’re surprisingly flattering, and have looked great on everyone from Diana Rigg in The Avengers, to Kylie in Neighbours, to Lady GaGa – they’re fabulous.”

You heard it here first, people. Go get one. Either from a shop, or a friendly painter/decorator might have a spare.

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2 Responses to Urgent fashion news about boiler suits

  1. Spencer says:

    DAMN IT INTERESTMENT! And I only just bought this last week!


  2. Spencer says:

    Sorry that link didn’t work. It’s the third one down on this link. Erie silence. Yep.


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