Second hand bargain: A sensitive T-shirt

Have we STILL not saved them?


Only a year ago,  airports would have been awash with bloated businessmen with suckling pig skin, limping back from whichever European city they deemed worthy of degrading for the weekend. They’d get home, shower thoroughly, then get around to booking Tuscany for the wife and kids. Heathrow was in the throws of silly season. And yet, there it stands, Terminal Five, a flying paradise where you can eat some Gordon Ramsay boil-in-the-bag, or buy fine trinkets to drape around your feminine wrists. But it’s empty. Deserted. All that remains is the echo of loud honking city boy voices that are still bouncing off the walls from eight or nine months ago. People don’t go on holiday anymore, they hide. These are strange, unsettling times. Which is why we go completely berserk whenever we hear about decent bargains. Just two days ago, friend of the site Stuart enjoyed a wonderful hippy moment in a local NSPCC joint. “In amongst all the strife we’ve forgotten about the whales,” he roared down the phone, sounding completely off his face, “so when I spotted a Save The Whales T-shirt, I remembered them, so I bought it!” And so anyone should. Although, we assumed they’d already been saved, having seen quite a few of them on Planet Earth. But no matter, come on Stuart, how much for this important message emblazoned across your womanly chest? “Two quid!”

Excellent sticking-it-to-the-recession!

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