Happy Birthday Grace Jones, here’s Smiley Culture!

Smiley Culture, Cockney Translation

Grace Jones – quite possibly the greatest women to tread the earth – turns 57 today, and what a life that strange and intriguing woman has enjoyed. She’s bashed Russell Harty in the face on live television, she’s spoken in a robot voice many many times, and she pioneered the must-have 80s flat top. Plus she is responsible for the best party record of all time – Pull Up to the Bumper, a song all about how complicated it can be parking a car on a busy day. And don’t forget that she was in by far the most luxuriant of the Bond films – A View To A Kill. Don’t mind if we do. Anyway, we thought we’d get her a gift, so we squeezed into leotards, and talked it through in a mirrored night club dance studio, one half of the room snapping their fingers and demanding that we give her some lovely candles for the bathroom, while the other side did a series of sensational pirouettes and insisted that it was a Smiley Culture clip or nothing. In the end we got her both. Happy Birthday Grace Jones!

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