Album covers analysed: New York Dolls

Why, hello ladies…


Ever since that moment in the Crying Game where the Irish guy is innocently snogging that beautiful woman, when suddenly a gentleman’s penis falls gracelessly from her undercarriage, we have just about learnt how to correctly deal with sudden gender shocks. The key is to say nothing until everything is revealed, and your wife/partner is fully naked in front of you. Then use your intuition, or, if you must, pat her down. It’s like an ongoing game of poker, this damn life. But a totally necessary one. Just ask the swathes of popular pub goers who lost all of their macho friends in 1973, thanks to their lusty feelings towards some stunning prostitutes on the cover of their New York Dolls records. Not to mention the lonely old men who bought it thinking it might be the wonderful Nolan Sisters. On closer inspection, they weren’t sexy women of the night at all, they were fully blown men! Men sitting on a marvelous sofa, with testicles, pubes, and everything – although they did look like they might have accepted money for intercourse anyway. So, yeah, it’s not all bad. Confusion aside, it’s an absolutely brilliant record. Here’s one of the cuts from it…

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