Showbusiness: Mariah Carey no make up shocker, and sexy old woman

Arrghhh, get her out of my eyes!


It’s a known fact that to win an Oscar, you have to ugly yourself up for a role – hence why Tom Hanks has always been so successful. It’s also why gorgeous people like Brad Pitt, Jordan, Justin from Hollyoaks, and Jessica Alba are looked over year after year, even though they’re probably the four greatest living actors. It’s a real shame, and the latest looker who has had to thump her face with the ugly fist for a role is Mariah Carey. Normally so gorgeous, with her big inflatable bosoms and no nonsense approach to make up, she has silenced diners in a million Hollywood restaurants by turning up to film shoots for the movie Precious with her face untainted by lipsticks and blushers. Obviously she looks disgusting, and if her plain face is anything to go by, she should win Best Actress.

In other news, everyone is really impressed by Cheryl Cole‘s ability to dress a little bit like a prostitute with her Girls Aloud band mates, and Cindy Crawford has stunned one showbiz reporter by being 43 years old, but still sexually attractive. That hasn’t happened since Sean Connery. Here she is before she became an old woman…


2 Responses to Showbusiness: Mariah Carey no make up shocker, and sexy old woman

  1. HannahWoman says:

    Unbelievable. I am horrified.


    She looks a bit like that angry maniac, Bjork.

  2. Luther Bucholz says:

    Mariah Carey is really beautiful, and very kind. I have like 4 printouts about her and Nick.

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