Great British Band: Orange Juice

Orange Juice, Rip It Up

Orange Juice were totally brilliant. A gang of Scottish guys, with Edwyn Collins leading the group, they managed to mix excellent Chic guitars with Collins’ weird crooning singing style. The results – magnifico!

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2 Responses to Great British Band: Orange Juice

  1. Mark says:

    The Voice of Young Scotland Mr Interestment. Edwyn suffered a stroke a couple of years ago and there was a very moving BBC documentary on his recovery and getting back on stage. Also worth checking out Aztec Camera’s High Land Hard Rain (notable single track – Oblivious), whish is a similar ilk, but a bit more “indy” guitar. They have dueted on a number of stuff too…

  2. oliver says:

    momentarily confused by the juxtaposition with the previous post, thought there was a Great British Band called Coleslaw i’d somehow missed.

    good call though, this post is my tipping point for actually properly checking out Orange Juice. good work sir.

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