Second hand bargain: A Fred Perry Top

Worn by Mods and Casuals…


Yes, the sun has been shining, but don’t be fooled, we are still in the grip of a mean financial winter. Shop changing rooms are overflowing with ex-business brains tearfully pulling on new suits, just to experience the thrill of fresh cotton on their legs one more time. They might even attempt a nice shirt, needlessly squeezing their bloated, beer-swollen stomachs into something worth in excess of their dole money. Security will have been alerted to their suspicious movements. They will be returning home empty handed and ashamed. Dinner will be eggs. Again. Always eggs. Not even poached ones. Just limp, unappealing eggs. With bad ketchup. These are cruel, cruel times. Which is why we go totally balistic – in a good way – whenever we hear about lovely bargains. Just this weekend, good friend Daniel had a lovely fashion experience in a second hand shop. “They do a window display at our local NSPCC shop,” he told us, gulping down nearly half a pint of milk in one, “and there was a yellow Fred Perry just glaring at me, I love Fred Perry.” We all do, and we notice that it’s in a very brave yellow. Not for the faint hearted. So, come on Dan, how much for this daring polo shirt? “Four quid”.

Fantastic hitting-it-to-the-recession!

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