Happy Birthday Salvador Dali, here’s an interesting social situation!

Visits with JD Ryznar

Had a nasty bout of heart failure not snaffled him in 1989, Salvador Dali – a very weird painter – would have been turning a very artistic 104 today. He shares his birthday with the great Australian singer/songwriter Holly Valance. What a man he was, with an eye for very odd things. Just look at his paintings, and you’ll see clocks made from flannels, weird Gollum fingers holding goose eggs, limbs floating in outer space. The man’s mind was awash with strangeness. Hence we thought we’d buy him a suitably wacky gift. After sitting naked for exactly 38 minutes, blowing saliva bubbles with our mouths, we decided that Dali would either want a hilarious carrot that looked like it belonged in a Frenchman’s underpants, or a clip of an intriguing social situation embracing conversation, music, and politics. In the end we got him both. Happy Birthday Dali!

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