Album covers analysed: UB40, Signing Off

A sign of the times…


Anyone who’s ever had the joy of partaking in some of the country’s many benefit options should feel a warm breeze of recognition for this, the greatest of the UB40 albums. The cover is an exact copy of an Unemployment Benefit Attendance Card from back in 1980. Being that it was the beginning of the Thatcher era – when rich people were rewarded with neon wine bars, and poor people with AIDS, heroin and canal bridges – much of the country would have been familiar with this particular document. This obviously makes the sleeve a massive political gesture, and also a nod backwards at where the band were when they started hoiking their curious brand of UK Reggae around Birmingham. Owners of the original record will tell you that the sleeve is also fashioned from a strange cardboard material, which might make it seem authentic, but also means that it can be mistaken for actual post. A bold move, UB40. Below is the best track from the album…

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2 Responses to Album covers analysed: UB40, Signing Off

  1. mustard says:

    benefit scrounging SCUM like these make me sick – spending the working man’s hard earned taxes on “pot” and “steak bakes” from greggs the bakers.

  2. LeatherFace says:

    Yeah Mustard? Well people named after condiments make me so ferociously livid that I have to touch myself in the naughty place to calm down.
    And anyway, Pot and Steak Bakes have been central to some of the most unforgetable mornings of my life – so you best put a cork in it Sir.

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