Second hand bargain: A Superman Lunch Box

Every man should have one…


Well, it’s official, this recession is here to stay. We know this because we saw a group of tramps furiously debating a cider buying strategy around a makeshift boardroom table in the park. The table was made from an old bit of cardboard, a log, three empty bumper bottles of Euphoric Thunder cooking sherry, and a dead cat. The men were all in Armani suits – ripped Armani suits, with the stains of failed toilet attempts bringing the price down on the trousers. Have these financial wizards even been home since they got the boot? Did they manage to catch the names of their ex-employees in a discarded Sunday Times Rich List? These are sad, drunken times. Which is why we go totally overboard with delight whenever we catch wind of a successful shopping trip. Just this weekend good friend Reg – just about the only successful suit wearer we know – had one heck of a day in a local second hand shop. “I was in a very strange place where they literally sell anything and everything,” he muttered, confused, “when I stumbled across a fantastic lunch box – a Superman one.” How fitting, in this time of financial downturn, to find such a symbol of strength. We approve, Reg. So, come on, how much for this child’s suitcase that you’re going to use ironically? “About seven quid”.

Fantastic sticking-it-to-the-recession!

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