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Gentlemen Broncos, starring Jermaine Clement


Fans of Flight of The Conchords will recognise the above bearded face as the exact same one that belongs to Jermaine, the bass player/singer. Holding a globe, sporting two kinds of beige, this is a splendid promotional picture for an excellent-looking new comedy that’s due to come out later this year. It’s called Gentlemen Broncos. It’s by the same director – Jared Hess – who fashioned the cult hit Napoleon Dynamite, as well as the enormously underrated Nacho Libre, in which Jack Black managed the remarkable feat of being both watchable and funny, without once inducing an audience-wide urge to lamp the cinema right in the face. Sadly, for Jack, it was a one-off. But enough of that, here Jermaine plays the part of a man named Ronald Chevalier – some kind of zany fantasy novelist. Enjoy the clip below.

It looks excellent…

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