Extremely important High Fiving news

No more humiliating wrist injuries!


We’ve all been there – tops off in the park, playing American football to impress a group of nearby girls. It should all go brilliantly, shouldn’t it? You’ve spent the morning painting some abs onto your stomach with stolen eye shadow, your hand-eye coordination is above average, and when you score that magnificent touchdown, all you need do is connect a decent high five with your quaterback, and the girls are yours. And yet, that doesn’t happen. Instead, one wrist cracks into another man’s thumb, making him squeal, then punch you on the arm – you grab your arm, shout something aggressive at him, and only just stop yourself bursting into tears by pretending it was a cough. The girls are no longer interested. They’re lost forever.

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They could have been your wives.

But, GREAT NEWS, because it needn’t be this way. Friend of the site and excellent-maker-of-comments, Spencer, has uncovered a fool-proof technique to ensure that you never stand near-naked and humiliated in the park ever again. “If you concentrate on your High Fiving team-mate’s elbow, not hand, you will NEVER miss,” he told us, over the email. “It’s a guaranteed awesome high five!”

That’s fantastic news.

3 Responses to Extremely important High Fiving news

  1. mustard says:

    Interestment – you haven’t though this through. You could end up high fiving your team-mates elbow? This would make you look like an absolute idiot.

  2. mike says:

    Do we still high five? Isn’t it all about the chest bump these days?

  3. handsomedaf says:

    I always do a high one with the index finger. Try it. It’s gentle yet funny.

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