Fantastic Hat, No 10: Green Cotton Trilby

Courtesy of our pal Jill Corbett


Some of you may be experiencing a strange wet sensation in your long johns during long afternoon walks – it’s nothing to be ashamed of, you’re just sweating. That’s because the seasonal climate changes are in the offing, and soon the dull grey skies of Autumn/Winter are going to be replaced with the aquamarine blue of Spring/Summer.  Your wardrobe needs to get lighter. Especially the upper shelf, where your collection of fine hats sit. Already we’ve applauded excellent leather Pork Pies and Fedoras, so today it’s the turn of something sensational and lightweight – a Trilby fashioned from finest cotton.

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It’s another corker from Jill Corbett, our favourite hat maker – she cuts and prepares her hats to your precise measurements. This one would look absolutely terrific if worn during an all-afternoon drink in a nice pub garden. Perhaps with an accompanying vest.

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