Happy Birthday Charlie Chaplin, here’s Harold Lloyd!

Harold Lloyd, Safety Last

Had the icy hand of death not been so eager to pluck him from us, Charlie Chaplin would be cheerfully celebrating his 119th birthday today. But instead he’s dead. Thanks God. Still, he achieved a lot in his 88 years – he made movies, he did that dancing thing with bread rolls and forks, he inspired Hitler to grow facial hair. We simply had to buy him a present. We sat in a circle sharing a cigarette with pot in it, desperately trying to figure out what to get him. It boiled down to a toss up between a big stew that you could just help yourself to, a world where everyone gets along and helps each other out, or a clip of the magnificent Harold Lloyd. In the end we ignored the stoned talk about world peace, and got him the other two things. Happy B’day Chappers!

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One Response to Happy Birthday Charlie Chaplin, here’s Harold Lloyd!

  1. steph says:

    It is a nice gift, granted. Still. Lloyd be no Buster Keaton, and somewhere, out there, Charlie is bound to know that.

    perhaps next year then.

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