Second hand bargain: An excellent sequel

Don’t go to sleep, kids


Remember how Friday nights used to be? You’d go straight from work into a waiting cab, head to the airport, then fly all the way to sunny Spain to drink freezing cold brewskis, pile through a few morsels of exotic sausage, then pay an absurd amount of Euros for the company of an intriguing flamenco dancer. All on Uncle Sam’s credit card! Those were, of course, the good days. The days before banks crumbled to rubble under the force of a thousand hippies wielding placards. The days when the Euro was like a gullible friend with a snooker table and a swimming pool in the back garden. Excellent, excellent times. Now Friday nights are confusing, lonely, and sober. Unless, that is, you have an eye for a serious bargain. Just today, brilliant friend Michael rang in with news of a magnificent find. “I bought Nightmare on Elm Street 2 on video,” he wept, overjoyed, “I’m showing it at mine on Friday night if you fancy it – I’m going to make it like a premiere.” Unfortunately we can’t make the big show, we already have plans involving a Turk and some underground watering holes. Else we’d definitely be there. So, come on Mikey, how much for this – the most brilliant of horror sequels? “50p”

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Excellent sticking-it-to-the-recession!

Here’s the trailer…

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  1. Spencer says:

    Combine that with an IKEA hotdog and you’ll get an Experian credit rating of 998!

    (999 is reserved for American Express black card holders, and President Barack Obama)

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