Intriguing news about cardboard

Makes for an excellent sword, they say


It’s always so nice to hear from one of the growing flock of excellent Interestment contributors, and today Debs – a keen-eyed observer of things and people – switched on her diamond microscope and pointed it at the strange games that people seem to play these days. She had this to say about cardboard…

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As any ungrateful young child that you’ve just bought a hugely expensive toy for will tell you: packaging is amazing. There’s just something brilliant about jumping up and down on bubblewrap, launching oneself into large piles of empty cardboard boxes, or shrink-wrapping a colleague/cousin. Yes, packaging brings out the gently violent beast lurking in all of us, mostly without the legal repercussions. Observe then, if you will, this enlightened social sub-group, who – for fun! – beat seven shades out of each other with cardboard tubes. It’s actually a real-life sport in the States. And quite possibly more interesting than American Football. Which is the real rubbish.

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