Interestment’s Top Four: Rappers

Some big names missed out…


It is with an enormous dollop of joy that we welcome excellent contributor Hip Hop Sam back into the fold. He’s been away for a while, rifling through his rec-rec-records, trying to figure out who the greatest rapper of all time might be. He had this to say…

Top four rappers? This is a difficult question as rap music, in itself, is terrible, and can barely be described as music – its monotonous beats sound like broken robots having violent sex, and as for those IDIOTS with their so-called hats on backwards talking in childish rhymes about who they’re going to kill, it’s simply… awful. Just kidding, I totally love it, as everyone should. So who is the best of this bad bunch of musicians?

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1. KRS-One


KRS-One is a brilliant rapper. He’s released loads of excellent albums, especially with his posse BDP (every good rapper should have a posse). He’s had plenty of club bangers (songs that are popular in nightclubs). He’s been involved in some pretty exciting beefs (disagreements with other rappers) which he’s then squashed (made friends again). He’s pioneered both gangster, and intelligent conscious rap. He’s thrown PM Dawn off a stage. He’s worn some lovely tracksuits. He’s quite simply Mr Hip Hop – the best rapper ever.

2. Rakim


A long time ago, the pinnacle of lyrical brilliance in hip hop involved matching the word hop with stop. Rakim is credited with introducing complex and intelligent rhyming patterns, alongside articulate metaphors. After Will Smith and, of course, Abs from 5ive, he’s every MCs favourite rapper. He’s also the coolest man ever to have walked the earth in a leather tracksuit, whilst simultaneously carrying a ridiculous amount of gold around his butter smooth neck.

3. Kool G Rap


Can you imagine what would happen if you combined the poetry of Keats, Milton, or Roald Dahl with the street savvy and gangster naughtiness of Nick Cotton, Dave Courteney or Danny Dyer? Of course you can’t.  You’d have to borrow Jeff Goldblum’s machine from  The Fly to achieve such a mix.  The result, however, I assume, would be Kool G Rap. A magnificent rapper whose tongue twisting lyrical dexterity and story telling genius made everyone else look rubbish. Completely rubbish.

4. Nas


If you were to ask a posse of hip hop aficionados “hey guys, what’s the  best hip hop album ever?”,  they’d all shout “Illmatic”, and then take their tops off, start high fiving each other, and do that foot kicking dance that Kid n Play used to do in the House Party films. Despite this strange behaviour, they’ve got the album right. Illmatic is as close to hip hop perfection as you can get, and despite never being able to live up to the greatness of his debut, Nas definitely deserves a place in the top four.

3 Responses to Interestment’s Top Four: Rappers

  1. Arthur or Martha says:

    KRS-One, what a legend. Those dungarees! That pose!

    In other news: I think Madlib, Doom and Aesop Rock are quite good for the modern day rap ting.

    I liked Sage Francis for a bit too, but soon realised only people who are mentally in pain can like him.

  2. Nick M says:

    close call betwen KRS and Rakim, check Rakim on this he kills it

    missed J-Live & Mr Lif, too

  3. Math says:

    tricky one, but thats a very good stab at trying to categorize the uncategorizable. Its a bit like saying ‘whats the best number of all time’ and of course we all know that it is 32 or 7. But there are many people out there who will be waving a banner for 168, and a good following for 16 too. And in just the same way i would suggest the following as my top 4 (in no partic order)
    1. Big L ….
    2. Notorious BIG…
    3. I agree with you – Nas
    4. Kool Keith – My personal favourite. As a master of purveying large amounts of irrelevant and unnecessary information in a slick and stylish format he can not be bettered;

    “Raising levels jim
    Flight seven oh four three two one, red four
    Green expanding to one
    Moving levers up at seven decimal eight
    Moving two point liters down
    All systems go, red lights are off
    Greens are showing
    Coming through’

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