Weird Barack Obama candle alert!

Okay, now it’s getting stupid…


It’s always a joy to hear from one of the Interestment flock, and today Debs – a keen observer of society – has turned her expensive golden magnifying glass in the direction of silly shop keepers, and what they sell. She had this to say…

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Imagine the scene: you and your lover in a couch-based clinch. Westlife dribbling lifelessly from the stereo. Maybe a couple of bottles of white wine ┬áto fuel your turgid fondling. And – surely the finishing touch to any sexy evening: President Barack Obama shining a light on proceedings from a nearby coffee table. For only 20 euros. “Love it or burn it!” crows the seller of this strange bedroom adornment, hilariously. Available in orange, green and life-like black.

Buy one here. Or not.

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