Picnic Essential: Dip

Do not underestimate the importance…


Weirdly, with the clocks shifting by just one hour we appear to have been left with an extra five hours of sunlight. It’s strange and confusing, but it also marks the official start of picnic season – by far the best of the culinary movements – which makes it brilliant. Now, picnic season isn’t to be confused with barbecue season, they are two very different things. One can be romantic, with two starry eyed lovers feeding each other charcoaled meats from a piping hot grill, and the other is picnic season. Glorious picnic season, when colossal mobs of battered maniacs decide to play extreme frisbee across a crowded park. A time when drunkenly folding enormous slices of pink salami into your mouth can be considered a peacocking mating call. It’s a great time of year, just brilliant. And to make it even more delightful, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to instruct picnickers in the art of hamper packing. Today, we need to tell you about dip.

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Dip is absolutely essential as an amuse bouche. All too often you’ll see people disappointed with their picnic, and that’s because they’ve peaked too soon – they took sandwiches, they took strawberries, they even had cold meats and cheeses. But where was the starter? The warm up food? The canapes? Remember, a decent picnic should last at least two hours, so our advice would be to pack a few massive packs of Lightly Salted crisps – Kettle Chips if you’re posh, Walkers if not – and a selection of dips. Our top four would be.

1. Salsa – with a sweet tomato zing, even your nan would get excited about this stuff.

2. Sour Cream and Chive – the journeyman of dips, absolutely everyone likes this. Also works as a fantastic palate cleanser between courses.

3. Guacamole – an avacado dip with a rush of lime, this is very exciting stuff, although no one knows how to correctly pronounce it. We call it “goo-whack-ah-mole-eeeee”, which seems to work.

4. Onion and Garlic – the most dangerous and unforgiving of all the dips, this one is also the most addictive. It’s like heroin, only less thinning.

And there you have it, the greatest dip combination of our time. Just smash open a bag of the old crispies and get scoffing, chomp ’em around, scrape it all about, bosh, laaavely… as Jamie Oliver might say.

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  1. forty-forty five says:

    I can easily get through a whole packet Jacobs Cream Crackers with a tub of Tesco’s O&G dip.

    Glad not to see any humous here – well overrated

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