Happy Birthday Hannah Spearitt, here’s an early DJ set!

Greg Wilson on The Tube, 1983

For those scratching their heads, convinced this is some kind of weird April Fool, Hannah Spearitt is famous – she was the third best looking girl in S Club 7, the last one being that awful racist from the infamous series of Celebrity Big Brother, where everyone went all National Front to get the country talking about issues. Anyway, yes, she’s 27 today, so we thought we should get her a gift. We popped on some jim-jams, had a sexy pillow fight, then talked about what we should get. Half the lads wanted to get her some really excellent flip-flops for sunbathing season, while the rest of us insisted on a brilliant clip starring Jools Holland and electro legend Greg Wilson. In the end we got her both. Happy etc… Spearitt!

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One Response to Happy Birthday Hannah Spearitt, here’s an early DJ set!

  1. Mark says:

    3rd best looking – Interestment – you are MAD MAD MAD!

    Stevens is dull dull dull – the vanilla icecream equivalent of girl band members, Tina as pretty in a quirky way I’ll grant you – but Hannah is in Primeval, she was in Agent Cody Banks 2, she was in a Chucky film for Chrissakes! i can only assume that you have a bit of a soft spot for Bradley. But you are right. Jo is awful.

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