Second hand bargain: Money

The book, not the stuff


With the weather improving as the business world has its face further sanded into the gravel, stress levels are going to reach astronimical highs. This didn’t use to be a problem, the combination of heat at work and soaring temperatures outside could be easily quenched with a few lunchtime pints and a holiday booked in the Maldives. Not any more – there are no lunch breaks, the Maldives is home to a collection of broken beach huts and weeping hula girls. Hence, the city is going to be a sweaty, smelly place to work. It’s a sad, disgusting time. Which is why we punch the air whenever we hear about excellent second hand buys. Just this weekend a very good friend of the site, Len, stumbled across a terrific read in his local knock-down palace. “I’ve read it many many times, but you can’t have too many copies of Money by Martin Amis,” he roared. “It’s a great read.” He’s absolutely right. For those who haven’t had the pleasure, it’s Amis’ best book by miles, the story of a grotesque director bumbling around New York and London, making an incredible nuisance of himself. It’s since plagued Amis, who simply can’t match it, and you could feel echoes of the book in practically every decent lad’s mag article for years. So, come on Len, how much for this modern day bible? “20p”

Fantastic sticking-it-to-the-recession!

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