Second hand bargain: True Romance

Great film… GREAT film


Now that no one can trust banks to look after their money, everything’s gone a bit higgledy-piggledy. People are stashing fivers in bin liners and burying them on allotments, some are even wrapping twenties in foil to make them look like worthless sweet wrappers. Who’d nick those? No one. It’s a strange, untrusting, suspicious time. Which is why we love it whenever we hear about a bargain. Just today, a female friend of the site, Mary, enjoyed one of the finds of the year in her nearby RSPCA shop. “True Romance is supposed to be a great film,” she told us, totally preaching to the converted, “and there it was, on DVD, so I thought I’d buy it.” She’s right, it is a fantastic film, boasting one of the most mind blowing casts of all time – Slater, Depp, Arquette, Walken, Penn, Jackson, Oldman, Hopper, Kilmer. Amazing. So come on, Scary Mary, how much for this weekend’s main feature presentation? “One English pound!”

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Arrgghh, that’s fantastic sticking-it-to-the-recession!

Enjoy the trailer…

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