Second hand bargain: a ghetto blaster

Hark, it’s the original iPod


In this terrifying financial downturn, odd couples are emerging, as once-important businessmen and lowly tea boys morph into best friends, and the notoriously rocky dating scene smooths into an even playing field. Hence, don’t be surprised to find the uber-nerd from IT enjoying some stationary cupboard romance with the fox from accounts. It’s just the way things are now. It’s an unpredictable, exciting time. Which is why we go hysterical with euphoria whenever we hear about bargains. Just this morning we received a call on the communal cell phone from our good friend Joseph. “I found a ghetto blaster in my local charity shop,” he roared, joyfully. “An actual ghetto blaster, like from Do The Right Thing!” Absolutely brilliant news, and great for his local streets, which are probably crying out for some tight hip hop beats. So, come on, Joseph, how much for this beautiful machine? “A tenner.”

Fantastic sticking-it-to-the-recession!

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One Response to Second hand bargain: a ghetto blaster

  1. Spencer says:

    There’s this trendy shop just off the top of Brick Lane where my girlfriend bought her trendy vintage bike trendy.

    There was a ghetto blaster in there with a price tag on it that read, ‘don’t fucken touch’.

    Joseph, you will be a millionaire.

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