Interestment’s Top Four: Embarrassing Foods

Not including hilarious carrots


It’s always brilliant to hear from one of the ever-increasing stable of excellent Interestment writers, and today Emily – a lady with a great eye for funny stuff – talks us through some of the most tasty foods/drinks never to feature in fashionable circles. She had this to say…

Have you ever seen anyone from Shoreditch eating a prune? Didn’t think so. It’s for the same precise reason that you blush to order a J2O, or eat flattened homemade sandwiches. For some reason, cool people would never consume these things. Here are the top four foods you like, but you feel embarrassed to eat, order in a restaurant or put in your trolley.

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1. Hot Chocolate


Real men drink coffee. Cool men drink tea. So what happens if you get a hot choccie itch that needs to be scratched? Supping a frothy hot dessert disguised as a beverage just won’t do.

2. Cottage cheese


Any food synonymous with baby sick is hard to eat in public without a shred of shame. The white lumpy consistency, the smell! But it’s actually nice. And is it ok to eat a whole pot?

3. Mango


Once you have unleashed the tropical juiciness from its awkward case, the gushing of all that sticky nectar causes embarrassment. Why didn’t I just get Monster Munch? you curse.

4. Kinder Hippos


Cute little things aren’t they? But he/she who dares to tuck into one must notice the disapproving glances. What’s the point in all that faff? And before you go reaching for a Bueno, consider that there is just something sad about all Kinder products.

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