OH DEAR GOD! More snack news…

Once upon a time, these were king…


Back before your Kettle Chips and your Pringles, the truest sign of snack sophistication was to have a few bags of Phileas Fogg littered cleverly about the house. Punjab Puri, Shanghai Nuts, and the amazing Mignons Morceaux – mini crunchy garlic breads, for those who haven’t had the pleasure – these were the kind of crisps you could imagine Lady Diana insisting on at a royal gala or a dinner party. And yet, as noticed by great friend of the site, Matt, they have all gone missing.

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It’s another outrage, people. Another snack outrage.

6 Responses to OH DEAR GOD! More snack news…

  1. Garlic Bread says:

    this is indeed a travesty. These were the bestest snack evar! Tesco has or had a similar product.. do they still?

  2. Garlic Bread says:


    these are supposed to be similar… haven’t tried em

    waitros garlic croutons

  3. Kara S says:

    OMG what a travesty. They were so delicious. My friend from school’s parents were way posher than mine and used to give them to me as a snack when I visited. I loved going to their house for this reason. I felt like a princess.
    Phileas Fogg used to do well nice nacho cheese flavour tortilla chips, are those now consigned to my taste memory too?

  4. Don Caster says:

    I used to love these.
    I also used to enjoy reading the story on the back explaining how he had discovered each snack.

  5. deepee61 says:

    I still work where we make these, we still make them but for the supermarkets Waitrose,Sainsbury’s etc

  6. Brian says:

    I think I’m the only person who remembers another snack in the original range – Zakuski, which were a russian-themed, spicy, oniony, crisp-type snack. I can find no reference to it online but it definitely existed. I ate loads of them.

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