Fantastic Hat, No 4: Tan Suade Pork Pie

Courtesy of our pal, Jill Corbett


Make no mistake, a hat can change a good outfit into a great one. We simply can’t get enough of the things. Already we’ve swooned and cooed over the Battered Black Leather Pork Pie, the Tweed Baker Boy, the Brown Leather Trilby, and now it’s the turn of another excellent Pork Pie, this time the Tan Suade Pork Pie. The new material giving it a lighter, more summertime feel.

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This is another excellent hat from our favourite hat maker, Jill Corbett – she cuts and prepares her hats to your precise measurements. Perched gloriously on your head, this one is perfect for wise guys looking to stay cool during the sunshine months. Beautiful.

Visit Jill’s shop here.

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