Second hand bargain: War Games

Not so longer ago, the future was weird


Don’t be surprised if you turn up to work in the next couple of years to find a shiny metalic robot sitting at your desk, shrieking down the phone to your subordinates, demanding higher standards. These zany androids don’t understand human problems, they just want results. And unfortunately, they’re probably be better at your job than you are. It’s nothing personal, you’ll just have to go and find new employment as an artist, or a prostitute. These are worrying, futuristic times. Which is why we go bananas with joy whenever we hear about a good old fashioned bargain. Just yesterday, a woman called Hannah stumbled across a brilliant VHS video in her local Cancer Research. “I remember seeing this film when I was just a little woman,” she confided over a Mojito. “It was totally brilliant, and seemed so modern and zany.” She’s not wrong, but looking at those computers the size of skips now seems totally hilarious. We were so innocent, bless us. So, come on Hannah, how much for this so-called War Games video cassette? “50p”

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Fantastic sticking-it-to-the-recession!

Enjoy a taste of it here…

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