Important bag issues solved

Meet the multi-purpose bag


Stereotyping is a dangerous business – don’t believe us, just ask your local lesbian, she’ll tell you. She’s the confusing man/woman/man wearing dungarees, by the way. We are, of course, just kidding. But seriously, it is dangerous. For ages, it’s been assumed that women worry about bags, and men couldn’t give a hoot about that kind of thing, but that’s so wrong. Look at the choices a man is presented with – briefcases, rucksacks, strange man-bags with buckles. It’s a confusing, awkward choice. Get it wrong, and you’ll look like a sucker – strolling down the street in a tracksuit, carrying a briefcase. Or worse still, suited and booted, with a great big rucksack lurched over your shoulders. So, praise Zeus for us, because we’ve declared to retro sports bag to be the only multi-purpose option, the perfect accompaniment to any strong look. Carry it to the office, people assume you like to work out. Take it to an illegal rave, gurning maniacs will understand that you’ve just packed light with a bottle of water and some fresh underpants. Not too garish, it’s the classy option.

You heard it here first. Or, like, seventeenth.

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