Sometimes cheap thrills are the best kind…

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It’s been a little while, but it is with unreserved euphoria that we welcome back our ace contributor, Debs. Once again, she’s revved up her gigantic microscope and turned it on society. Today, she talks a little about the things in life that don’t cost anything, but feel excellent. She had this to say…

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Thrills, ladies and gents, very rarely come for free. As you will have discovered if you have ever paid to get into a theme park – those places are very expensive. Hence, in these recession-crazy times, getting anything exciting for zero pence is unlikely – nay, it’s a bleeding a miracle. But fortunately, there are a few things that still get one’s pulse racing… and they don’t cost a thing.

Getting a screwed up piece of paper in the bin from over three feet away

Who has not punched the air in triumph – perhaps even shouted a “yeah buddy!” – after successfully getting waste in it’s intended receptacle? Even more satisfying if someone witnesses the miracle.

Getting the wrong change, in a good way

Once you have convinced yourself that isn’t theft and that you are too far away from the shop to take it back, it can be very satisfying taking home the correct change from a twenty, after paying with a ten. And if any doubts linger, you can simply console yourself by remembering that you have just “stuck it to THE MAN”. Even though, in this case, THE MAN is a struggling shop keeper desperately trying to make ends meet in a bleak financial winter. Just get drunk.

Biting into a KitKat finger and finding it’s all chocolate
Joy upon joy! Alternatively, you could buy a Dairy Milk.

Getting to the bus stop just as the bus arrives
Restores your belief that God does actually exist, regardless of wars, poverty, recessions, cancer, AIDS, Sting, anger problems, city boys and sprouts.

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  1. oliver says:

    agree with all, but it’s also satisfying to refer to cheap thrills as “cheapies”. Even thinking about the word “cheapies” gives me cheapies.

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