Fantastic Hat, No 3: Brown Leather Trilby

Courtesy of our pal, Jill Corbett


If you haven’t already cottoned on, we totally adore hats. They can take a simple outfit of top-and-trousers and transform it into something majestic, sensual. Perhaps even moving. We’ve already gone wild with passion for the Battered Black Leather Pork Pie, and the Tweed Baker Boy, so now it’s the turn of the classic Trilby – but this time fashioned from finest brown leather.

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This fantastic bit of head wear comes courtesy of our favourite hat maker, Jill Corbett – she cuts and prepares her hats to your precise measurements. And sitting atop your fine scalp, it would give you a look of a country gentleman with an edge. We love it.

Visit Jill’s shop here.

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