Second hand bargain: A wok

Ideal for cooking food


Don’t be frightened if you happen across a cluster of weeping men in suits when you’re enjoying your afternoon stroll, they’re just former ad execs soaking up the news that they’re no longer needed on the latest Blu-Tack account. They will be fine once they’ve realised that, actually, some sparkling wines can be just as delicate and quaffable as actual champagne. Yes, friends, these are intriguing, enlightening times. Which is why we go out of our minds with joy whenever we hear about a decent bargain. Just this week, amateur cook Mark stumbled across something very fascinating in his local Scope. “I’m massively into cooking at the moment, especially with Masterchef gearing up to the final,” he honked, “so when I saw that they were selling a box fresh wok, I snapped it up.” Of course, like most of us, Mark loves tipping beansprouts into a pan which already contains mushrooms, chicken, and bits of carrot. So, come on, spill the beans, how much for this excellent bit of kitchen gear? “Three quid!”

Smashing sticking-it-to-the-recession!

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