Massive fashion news about the colour red

News from the inside…


It’s such a fun time of year, London Fancy Dress Week. All the famous children – Geldofs, Lowe, Winston – get to pretend to be grown ups, and even Sienna Miller’s sister, Savannah, has been allowed to pose as a fashion designer. It’s great – like Stella McCartney all over again. So far, there have been a few gaffs – like girls wearing coats with skirts (come on, guys!), and at least ten models have been overheard making themselves violently sick in the ladies. But we wouldn’t have it any other way, because once the bone-shuddering humiliation of dressing up like a cowboy and keeping a straight face has dissolved, you can take away some excellent fashion lessons from this festival of idiots. This year, for example, we have learnt that everyone will be wearing wonderful scarlet outfits next autumn/winter. Time to stock up on red stuff, style junkies.

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