Interestment’s Top Four: Georges

It’s a strong, valiant name


We’ve already tackled the greatest Roberts to ever light up the silver screen, now it’s the turn of the Georges. Only, in this case, we’re not just limiting ourselves to the actors. We cast an astonishing magnifying glass over the history books, searching, scouring, foraging. Occasionally all at the same time. And there are many great Georges who didn’t even make the cut – Costanza, Michael, Washington, Clooney, Harrison. Plus, of course, “Boy”. These are the four that kept them out…

1. George Carlin


Our love for George Carlin literally knows no bounds. Huge in America, he was barely known in Britain, probably most recognised for being in Bill and Ted – which is ridiculous, because he was a totally brilliant stand up comic. He was also the first man ever to host Saturday Night Live.

2. George Foreman


Popstars-turned-actors – or the other way round – think they’re so clever. Look, we’re doing two jobs! But they pale in comparison to George Foreman. Completely pale. First he was a brilliant heavyweight boxer – famous for being the most feared and brutal puncher on the planet. Now he’s a cheerful father-of-ten, with a fantastic portable grill business. Amazing.

3. George “Van” Morrison


Better known as Van Morrison, why he struck off the George bit we will never understand. Even so, all is forgiven, because his Irish brand of folk/soul is too great to ignore. Don’t believe us, then listen to this…

4. Saint George


Despite his flag now being synonymous with sneering racists – ironically, given that he is also the patron saint of Ethiopia, Greece, Palestine and Lithuania – you have to doff a small cap to Saint George. After all, he did go to battle with a dragon. Granted, over the years that may have been exaggerated a touch – he probably just trod on a toad. Still, he’s a saint.

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