Second hand bargain: A lovely picture

Just who is this priceless mystery woman?


Such is the disturbing nature of the current financial downturn that well-heeled young toffs have been spotted actually riding on the tube. Some of them have, of course, been weeping hysterically throughout the journey, whilst others just sit in a stunned, petrified silence. They have never been this close to people without trust funds before. What are they supposed to say? It’s a cold, worrying time. Which is why our insides erupt with glee whenever we hear about a bargain discovery! Just recently, proud new father and great friend of the site, Matt, stumbled across a miraculous picture of a woman and her cat in his local second hand shop. “I was strolling past the shop and there it was, staring at me,” he confided over a sparkling pint of the sweet stuff, “I had to get it.” Having seen the thing, we know just how brilliant it is – she’s a looker. So, come on Matt, how much for this eye-catching centrepiece? “Two quid.”

Astounding sticking-it-to-the-recession!

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One Response to Second hand bargain: A lovely picture

  1. Spencer says:

    It really is amazing how much you can save up for your art collection because you have to stay home and look after your new little chap. And people have been going on about how expensive children are! Ha!

    This’ll be in a credit crunch-busting special in Heat Magazine next month, I betcha.

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