Robbed at The Oscars: Mickey Rourke

Hollywood deny fairy tale ending…


While we all go bananas with joy at the thought of Mickey Rourke rising from the ashes like a big fat phoenix with extensive facial surgery, it seems that the pipe smoking women of The Academy couldn’t give a hoot. They did the same thing with John Travolta in 1994 – denying him his triumphant comeback Oscar for Pulp Fiction, instead giving it to Tom Hanks for his impression of George W Bush in Forrest Gump. And last night, it went to another man playing a politician – Sean Penn in Milk.

That isn’t to say that Penn is completely undeserving, he is. Some might argue that he’s a brilliant actor. Unfortunately, he seems like such a real life cretin. And now he’s positioning himself as the Meryl Streep of the Best Actor world – nominated every single year, lurking in the shadows, the default winner if no one can decide who should get it. He’s already done it before – when Bill Murray would have made for a better winner in 2003 – and this year, he can probably thank the Academy members who couldn’t bring themselves to forgive Mickey Rourke for being so rude to them in the 1980s.

Don’t worry, Mickey, you’re still our number one.

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