Intriguing celebrity book title update!

The ideas are flooding in…


Ever since we wowed the nation into a stunned silence with our idea for a Charlie Watts biography called Sticks and Stones, the suggestions have been flowing in thick and fast. Yesterday, excellent maker of comments, Spencer, came up with Leene on Me (Myleene Klass autobiography), and today, a handsome Welshman called Daf piped up with some corkers of his own. He had this to say:

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How about a series of books about artists by their namesakes?

1. Moore on Moore – Roger Moore attempts to decipher the enigmatic sculptures of Henry Moore.

2. Spencer on Spencer – Stanley Spencer appreciated by Frank Spencer (the womanly actor from the old sitcom “Some mothers do ‘ave ’em”).

3. E.M.I.N on Emin – someone from the European Migration Information Network slipping on the puke of Tracey Emin.

Can you think of a good one? Come on, don’t be shy. Let us know with a comment…

4 Responses to Intriguing celebrity book title update!

  1. Monkeytennis says:

    Like it. On an alliterative tip, some suggestions of non-fiction tomes i’d like to see come out:

    Moron Moore on Michelmore (Michael Moore takes a lighthearted look at the life and times of Cliff Michelmore)

    Waugh on War (a Self explanatory epic)

    Dixie Chicks on x-rated Flicks (C&W’s most outspoken band review the latest top shelf video)

    Fox on Socks (Emilia Fox takes us through her sock drawer)

  2. mustard says:

    Fritzl on Schnitzel please.

  3. debs says:

    Jordan on Jordan – the popular ‘singer/model’ talks about how she’s never been to the Middle East but that her and peter have been to Norfolk and that was quite nice.

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