Crimes against language, No 4: Swearing

Thanks a flip, guys


Once again, one of our favourite contributors, Debs, has switched on her electric magnifying class and honed in on the people on the streets. This week she turned her attention to their hideous use of toilet language. She had this to say…

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Swearing isn’t as exhilarating as it used to be. Time was when saying “F” signalled that you were beyond angry, that things were about to get seriously ugly; the listener knew they’d ticked you off to a place from which there was no coming back, and the user knew they were severing their link to God forever. The “F” was a big deal. Nowadays, however, old people regularly say “F” to each other in shops, and doctors casually say “F” to their patients. Everyone is saying “F”. It’s probable that even your mum will “F” if she slightly overboils the chicken. Even more shockingly, some people have started saying “C”. Yes friends, the “Power Expletive” is officially dead and nothing exists to replace it’s vigour. Unless you combine “F” and “C”, of course…

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