Interestment’s Top Four: Post Valentine’s Day Songs

Don’t worry, ladies, no sign of this guy


Hey folks, how was your V-Day? Judging by some imagined statistics, it was probably either completely brilliant, totally rubbish, or just a little bit passive aggressive. You might have sat opposite your lover doling out barbed compliments like they were ninja stars fired towards their face? Or perhaps you both accidentally sucked on the same bit of spaghetti and ended up snogging like maniacs? One thing is for sure, however, and that’s that one of the four songs coming up will apply to you in your post-Valentine haze. Here’s four excellent and contrasting love songs…

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1. Randy Crawford, One Day I’ll Fly Away

For those smarting from a vicious weekend break up, or just the realisation that it’s pretty much all over, here’s one to put on loop for a few months. Keep strong, hang in there etc…

2. P.P Arnold, The First Cut is the Deepest

You might have spent the weekend learning how to love again, something P.P Arnold has been singing about for over forty years. As, yes, has Rod Stewart.

3. Gwen McCrae, 90% of me is you

Should your love be more of the unrequited variety, Gwen is singing directly to you. Fantastic soul classic, an ode to obsession.

4. Joan Armatrading, Love and Affection

A grounded love song, the tale of a lady looking to be wooed a little. One for the early stages of romance. Also Armatrading’s best song by a mile.

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