Friday 13th Special: Superstition

Have a great day everyone, touch wood


For those brave enough to leave the house this morning, well done. Good for you. After all, it’s just another day – babies will be born, old people will die, somewhere in the woods  a gang of street urchins will be strangling a farmer and stealing his cows. Business. As. Usual. Anyway, by means of celebration for such a fateful day, ace contributor Debs has turned her multi-coloured telescope on society, and had this to say about superstition

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Superstitions are quirky, pointless habits for people who are too tight to buy insurance or have a latent God-complex and think that by saying something they will make it happen. For centuries, people have relied on superstitions such as touching wood, avoiding ladders or kicking black cats out of their path in order to avoid a nasty misfortune. A lot of us adhere to more common “superstitions” such as buying and fitting locks, keeping a survival knife under the bed and not walking around ladders straight into a thundering juggernaut. In Poland, touching a man with a bald head and glasses is considered good luck. Whereas a UK building inspector demanding official papers is considered an unlucky omen. The questions remain however: “do traditional superstitious counter-measures actually work?” and “can you claim on your insurance if the coffee-table was only wood-look laminate?”

The answers are, “we’re not sure.”

Enjoy Stevie Wonder singing Superstition after the jump…

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